Brisbane Florist - fresh or artificial flower arrangements for business or home display, events and weddings

Gallery Welcome to Kent Florist Brisbane gallery, where you will find a number of floral arrangements, which can be purchased from this site.

At Kent florist Brisbane, you can order fresh, artificial or combination floral arrangements.

Fresh flowers are perfect for weddings and social events as they provide energy and a positive aura combined with a perfumed scent.

Artificial flowers provide a lasting gift, and are perfect for wedding bouquets, which can be treasured and kept for many years to come. Modern technology has seen this choice develop to a high and realistic standard, undistinguishable in many cases from the ‘real thing’.

A combination of fresh and artificial flowers provides the benefits of both the above. The artificial flowers can be kept and the fresh flowers replaced as required using the reservoir tubes. This allows for some playful creativity as fresh flowers can be added from your garden or bought to suit a variety of situations. For example, add holly or mistletoe at Christmas.

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Dry and preserved flowers

Plants (Kokedama and terrariums)

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