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Intro Kent Florist is located in Paddington Brisbane, managed by Mikiko Inoue, who has worked as a florist and wedding planner in Japan, Canada and Bermuda for over 18 years. Her experience in both traditional and Ikebana floristry has seen her work in many fields, including commercial; on-set arrangements for film; executive and government functions. Some of her previous clients include Robert.L.Johnson and Alicia Keys.

Artist Profile

Mikiko Inoue

I was born in Nagasaki and raised in Osaka in Japan.

Apr 2011 - 2018 Kent Florist Brisbane Australia

Jan 2003 - Mar 2011: Demco Florist, Bermuda
Florist, flower arrangement and general running of business. Wedding consultant.

May 1997 - Mar 2002: C.C.Flower, Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan
Self employed florist. Flower arrangement and general running of business. Wedding consultant. Managed my own school of flower arrangement, including ikebana.

In 2001, I was officially commended by the Osaka Government for teaching senior citizens flower arranging over many years.

June 1993 - July 1997: Biko Ltd, Osaka, Japan
Technical support for artificial flower company located in China. Merchandise imported through Hong Kong, where I travelled frequently to provide and advise on product. Design of floral decoration for sales in Japan.

Apr 1990 - May 1993: Tanabe Pharmaceutical company, Osaka, Japan
Administrative Assistant, Sales Department. Production of sales reports and forecasts. Arranged and co-ordinated exhibitions and receptions. Translated Japanese/English contracts.


Apr 1986 -  Mar 1990: Shoin Women's University , Higashinadaku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Attained Bachelor of Art in English and American Literature

In 1988, my thesis about Jawaharlal Nehru was awarded a prize from the Japan / India Association.


1990 Librarian Certificate
1990 Bachelor of art in English and American Literature
1993 Floral designer Certificate
2011 Gojuryu Karate Shodan (Black Belt)
2011 CPR, First Aid, AED


I have played the Koto on stage in the U.S.A., Canada and Bermuda. In Canada and Bermuda, I lectured audiences on Japanese culture and introduced the Koto, Ikebana, tea ceremony, calligraphy, Origami and Karate.

Oct19th 2013, I was honored to be on TEDxBermuda stage to interpret the speech of 'The Last Ninja' Mr.Jinichi Kawakami and to play Koto.




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